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Kategori: Yoga & Gym Ball

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  • Versatile yoga tool suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced - use to enhance stretches, improve balance and flexibility, build strength, tone and sculpt, open the chest, shoulders, back & hips or warm up.
  • Made from durable pink ABS plastic with a soft, thick purple foam covering with textured surface for a firm grip.
  • Also effective in relieving stress and tension as well as back, spine and shoulder pain. A great form of relief for those who spend prolonged periods stationary at a desk.
  • Lightweight and portable. Ideal for use in the home, studio or gym.
  • Product material :TPE + PC alloy
  • Plating process:Anti - allergenic 3 - layer thick gold.
  • Color : Random color


Product Dimension 3.3cm x 1.3cm x 0.1cm
Weight 1.20kg


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