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Pilates Stick

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  • Pilates sticks are used as a gym with barbells, pullers, rowing machines and other similar functions. They can exercise the whole body, especially the hips, legs, and thin arms. They are small, portable and suitable for various occasions.
  • Can be used instead of a barbell, which is safe and convenient to accept. Barbell exercises can be done at home, back muscles can be exercised, peach buttocks can be created.
  • Can be used instead of the pull rope. It's easier to find a fixed point. The foot loop can let you start more exercises. Shake off fat arms and build thighs.
  • Can replace the waist-twisting machine to do waist-twisting exercise, protect the waist, exercise waist colleagues, and also reduce the waist and abdomen.
  • The gluteus maximus and thighs are exercised by squatting, the abdominal muscles and back are modeled and regulated by power rope, and the biceps, triceps, and shoulders are modeled by the power rope resistance band. Resistance band exercise uses the power rope resistance band instead of a heavy fitness device.
  • Pilates sticks can help you complete yoga and Pilates exercise, make your posture more standard, help to slim down, exercise body balance.


Product Dimension 91 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm
Strap Length x 2(L & R) 105 cm
Box Dimension 50 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm
Weight 0.60 kg

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Pilates Stick

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