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Wall Ball

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  • Wall Balls provide total body conditioning and excellent fat burning
  • One of the easiest ways to improve your endurance, explosiveness, and core strength.
  • Usage: Throw against the wall to hit a target or use for medicine ball workouts like squats, sit-ups, twists and more
  • Not meant to be used for slam ball exercise routines as it will damage the ball
  • Develop core and muscle strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and burn calories
  • Functional exercises help you in your everyday life, such as with squatting, lifting, throwing and standing up
  • Tight double-stitching holds it closed
  • Can withstand hours of wall throws and medicine ball exercises


Box Dimension 2 KG: 38 cm x 35 cm x 38 cm
4 KG: 38 cm x 35 cm x 38 cm
6 KG: 38 cm x 35 cm x 38 cm
8 KG: 39 cm x 35 cm x 39 cm
10 KG: 39 cm x 35 cm x 39 cm
Weight 2 KG: 2.5 kg
4 KG: 4.6 kg
6 KG: 6.9 kg
8 KG: 8.9 kg
10 KG: 10.7 kg

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Wall Ball

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