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Neoprene Dumbbell

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  • Cast iron hand weights neoprene dumbbell will not break or ben after repeated use
  • Neoprene is also more durable & less prone to splitting than vinyl, making it a more desirable choice for long-term use
  • Non-slip thick durable neoprene coating provides a comfy grip on hands and doesn’t require gloves 
  • The neoprene coating forms prevents the dumbbells from chipping and protects the floor from damage
  • Help tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders & back, build stamina & speed up metabolic rate. Perfect for overall health, balance, weight management, aerobics, cardio, yoga, and strength-building
  • 2 lbs x 2 units / 5lbs x 2 units



Product Dimension 14cm x 6cm x 14cm
Weight 1.9kg / 4.6kg


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Neoprene Dumbbell

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