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Category: Vibration Plate & Abs Strengtheners

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  • Provides total body muscle toning and cardio in one compact system 
  • Target a variety of muscle groups, including upper, middle and lower ABS and obliques, thighs, gluts, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps 
  • 3 levels of resistance and they are easy to adjust in just seconds 
  • Can be easily stored under the couch, the bed, and just about any compact space 
  • Completely assembled. Once remove it from the box, just adjust the two arms to the desired level of intensity to start getting into shape 
  • Max user weight : 120kg


Product Dimension 50cm x 54cm x 33cm
Box Dimension 58cm x 15cmx 51cm
Weight 6.1kg


Abs Trainer

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