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Treadmill 3.0 Adv

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  • 3.0 hp motorized treadmill
  • Speed - 1 - 16.8 km/h
  • Auto incline level 0 - 15% with touch of button to burn more calories, tone more muscle, and build greater endurance
  • Joint protection cushioning rubber - Protect your joints including knee,
    ankle, crotch, waist etc from running impact
  • Extra features : shaker fitness belt , 2 lbs dumbbell x 2 and sit up rack
  • Screen indicator : pulse rate , time , speed , calories burn , distance , mp3
  • Hydraulic shock absorber - Easy folding mechanism and a soft drop system to help you fold and unfold your treadmill safely and with ease
  • 12 auto fitness program
  • Set of wheels - Consisting of 2 wheels for easier movement ·
  • Max user weight : 140 kg


Product Dimension: 

175 cm x 70 cm x 131 cm

Running Area:  126 cm x 44.5 cm

Box Dimension: 

170 cm x 35 cm x 79 cm


63.7 kg


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1 Year Warranty

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Treadmill 3.0 Adv

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